Communication consulting

By helping to overcome the communication barrier, we help you expand your business with ease.

By helping to overcome the communication barrier,
we help you expand your
business with ease.

For many businesses, trying to overcome the communication barrier is the first challenge when trying to develop business opportunities overseas. Urban Connections provides comprehensive support for clients looking to expand internationally, providing not only linguistic but also cultural guidance, including market research, English language training, liaison services, and more, to help our clients communicate more effectively with potential business partners.

English language training

There is a rapidly growing need for communication between people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Our professional English language editors are all native English speakers and provide our clients with English language training in a manner tailored to their specific needs and areas of concern.

Support for
Japanese market entry

Companies looking to expand into the Japanese market require a range of language and business support, from translation and interpreting, to multilingual liaison work. Our team at Urban Connections can help you successfully enter the market by assisting with the preparation of materials in Japanese, arranging meetings and handling correspondence with Japanese business partners, and advising you on Japanese business practices and norms.

Website localization

Your company’s website has a huge impact on the impression you make with potential business partners. For companies looking to expand into a particular country, having a website in the local language is essential. Urban Connections provides a one-stop service for website localization, including translating the content, uploading the translated information, and carrying out website modifications and maintenance.

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